Baskery - Throw a Bone - Audiotree Live

Artist Biography: 
Baskery is sisters Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson of Stockholm, Sweden.
Growing up in a musical family, there were always instruments lying around the house and the sisters wrote their first song together in their early teens, “Fuck Umbrellas and Wellingtons”, a song basically about letting your freak flag fly.
That was many years and a bunch of albums ago, but the message remains.
Baskery was formed in 2007, shortly after their former band, Slaptones, split up due to their dad (drums, vocals and harmonica) handing in his notice. Instead of adding a new member, the sisters decided to continue as a trio, start fresh with a new sound and new songs. The name Baskery is a tribute to their northern roots, the Finnish nickname of a village in the far north of Sweden.
The band successfully tours the world and has quickly become known for their energetic live shows. Wherever they go the audience gets blown away by their unique sound and intense stage presence. Their use of traditional instruments in an unconventional way helps create their very own genres: banjo punk, ADM (acoustic dance music) and killbilly. They don’t like being pigeonholed, if things start to feel predictable they’re likely to move on to something more exciting. Nobody puts Baskery in a corner, themselves included.
Current Release: 
Little Wild Life

Susie Giang, Agent


Mother Tarantula Records, Record Label


Holly Garman/HMG Associates, Inc., Publicity

gritty Americana by way of Sweden, with magnetizing melodies and harmonies that rouse the rebel spirit & outlaw soul
“Flaxen haired trio’s frenzied banjo punk drew as much excitement as the bigger acts, leaving audiences clamoring for more.”
Roots & Blues Review (British Columbia, Canada)

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