Joshua James

Joshua James

"Old Best Friend" by Joshua James and Timmy the Teeth

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“There is a mystic in the mountains high above the Great Salt Lake/ He’s dancin’ in the heaven far below his golden gates/ He’s lookin’ at our cars below/ And laughin’ at our rock & roll,” sings Joshua James on the first lines of “Mystic.”  The singer-songwriter is based in American Fork—where he co-owns Northplatte Records—and pens these songs from his personal spiritual epicenter, Willamette Mountain.  In From the Top of Willamette Mountain, James deals in the currency of mysticism, trading thoughts of life’s repressiveness and his misgivings about organized religion for a search for the holy, a personal quest for transcendence or something similar. He does it openly on this, his third album.

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From The Top Of Willamette Mountain

Susie Giang, Agent


Jimmy Rhine, Management


Northplatte Records, Record Label

evocative dynamics and soul-searching lyrics
"Thumping, cymbal-free percussion underpin many tracks, adding an eerie heartbeat to what are already pensive, skewed slices of American pie that can only tangentially be considered folk."
The Telegraph

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