The Kruger Brothers

The Kruger Brothers

The Kruger Brothers with Kontras Quartet
“The Kruger Brothers are not the first bluegrass group to perform with a string ensemble, but they may be the most entertaining.”
- The Raleigh News & Observer

Touching New Song by the Kruger Brothers! - Forever and a Day

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Some call it Jazz. Some call it Classical. Some call it Bluegrass. Certainly, the music of The Kruger Brothers is all of that and more.  Experience what happens when these innovative and soulful world-class virtuosos put on one-of-a-kind performance that your audience will find breathtaking and unforgettable.

When you listen to the music of The Kruger Brothers, you can't help but be amazed by the sheer depth of their artistry. Originally from Europe, now living in North Carolina, they were first introduced to American audiences in 1997, quickly gaining the attention of fans and the music industry alike. Drawing on a rich cultural palette, theirs is a music that celebrates the best of what music can be: exciting, engaging, intelligent, and delightful.

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Lucid Dreamer

Jim Fleming, Agent

734-995-9066 ext 18

Dave Schmidt, Management


Joel Landsberg/Double Time Music, Inc., Record Label


Claire Ratliff/Penguin Publicity, Publicist

intense and tranquil; classic, classy and classical; jazzy and grassy -- all at the same time
"One of the finest groups to ever come down the road ... (a) guaranteed antidote to whatever may be ailing you."
Dan Higgs / Bluegrass Breakdown

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