Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell

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Artist Biography: 
An expatriate New Yorker now living in Argentina, Richard Shindell is a meticulous craftsman of song whose recordings have been revered by critics and fans alike.
Shindell is currently on tour in support of Tomorrow You’re Going, a collection of cover songs under the band name The Pine Hill Project, with Lucy Kaplansky and produced by Larry Campbell. Shindell will release a solo collection of original songs in 2016. Meanwhile, he’s launched a YouTube channel where, from an apartment in Buenos Aires, he is recording his entire repertoire of compositions, revisiting his earliest works with a bold intimacy.
Shindell is increasingly playing his electric ’53 Fender Esquire, moving into a more complex and open sound, while maintaining his focus on smart, passionate storytelling. Innovative, original and occasionally spiritual, Shindell’s songs weave tales that interchangeably champion the downtrodden, exalt the disaffected or wax empathetic to those lost to society's fringes. As a feminist, he often composes from, and is inspired by, a woman’s point of view.
Shindell's songwriting ranges from lighthearted ballads and adulterous love songs, to dirges and diatribes that skillfully skewer politics, prejudice, war and religion, to the comic point-­of-­view of a cow stuck in a barbed wire fence. He has a unique ability to morph into the soul of the many and varied personalities he casts as narrators in certain songs — songs that are veritable novellas framed in haunting acoustic melodies.
Shindell has lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery, busked in the streets of Paris, opened for Joan Baez (who continues to cover his songs), and collaborated with Grammy-­winner Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Elvis Costello). The Pine Hill Project’s album “Tomorrow You’re Going” was crowdfunded by an extraordinarily successful campaign that met its goal within 24 hours and ultimately raised over $85,000.
Current Release: 
Tomorrow You're Going

Adam Bauer, Agent


Signature Sounds, Record Label

supple, fluid, intelligent -- amazing musical variety
"Occasionally an artist has a night that makes even skeptics think, 'O.K., maybe he is the best.' Richard Shindell achieved this."
Ann Powers, NY Times

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