Vaud and the Villains

Vaud and the Villains

Vaud and the Villains - West Hollywood Halloween 2012

Artist Biography: 

Vaud and the Villains is an 18 piece orchestra and cabaret show. It is loosely themed as a traveling medicine show... 50% church, 50% get down and 5% circus. Its Americana Noir meets Moulin Rouge with the presentation of a modern day, over the top, rock and roll spectacle.

When we began to select and write material for the show we had a simple criteria: Vivid, uplifting and fun. A show to appeal to every age, color, creed, sexual orientation and political affiliation... some wild Fitzgeraldian party that you had only dreamt could exist come to life before your eyes. When you leave a Vaud and the Villains show, you may find you are walking 8 inches off the ground... this is by design as well.

Current Release: 
Sin and Tonic Vol. 1 & 2

Susie Giang, Agent


Vaud Overstreet, Management / Publicity

eighteen piece orchestra and cabaret show that will stain your soul and lead you to salvation
"Vaud and the Villains’ exuberant fusion of vintage New Orleans jazz, R&B and gospel music, wildly inventive arrangements and dynamic theatrical performance is simply a wonder to behold. The only trouble I have with this soul-stirring outfit is deciding whether I want them at my sendoff when it’s time to shuffle off this mortal coil, or waiting there to joyously welcome me to the other side."
Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times

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