Willy Porter

Willy Porter

This Train - Willy Porter and Carmen Nickerson - 3/5/2016

Artist Biography: 
Searching for the shaman that lives inside the guitar has led Willy Porter on a musical and personal odyssey spanning over two decades, 10 albums, and multiple continents. His journey remains defined by an independent drive to evolve as a musician and human, affording him the freedom to create the next song on his own terms. Equally accomplished as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Porter’s songs weave a universal perspective about the questions, struggles, and triumphs of human existence. His live shows are guitar driven events- equal parts grit, soul, and muscle -that are electrifying, dynamic, and wholly original in the way that Porter’s voice blends and fuses with his virtuoso fret work.
Current Release: 
Human Kindness

Adam Bauer, Agent


Chris Webb, Management

phenomenal guitarist and passionate songwriter
"Porter accentuates well - rendered tales with spit - fire - percussive acoustic guitar strumming and fiery color - chord picking."

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